Germany soon to legalize online gambling and betting

The conundrum of regulation of online gambling market in Germany continues since the 16 states agreed to an Interstate Treaty on legalization of gambling in 2012.

Since 2012, nothing concrete could be done in this direction. However, now, with the growing presence of unlicensed and unauthorized operators in German market, the federation has decided to legalize and regulate online gambling market.

The new Interstate Treaty on gambling is likely to come into force from July 2021.

The treaty would lift the prohibition on online casino, and online slots and poker games.

The regulation of would also be imposed on limited sports betting operators and casino service providers.

However, the German authorities would continue to be the sole operators of lottery purchases.

German sports betting association DSWV’s managing director Luka Andric spoke to Gambling Insider. The excerpts from the conversation are provided below.

He said: “It seems, however, that the major conflicts have been settled, at least for now, and that there is broad agreement to implement the rules of the 2021 Interstate Treaty as soon as possible”, reported Gambling Insider.

He added, “Considering Germany’s population size and its economic standing sports betting will always be an important market and it is positive that this market is finally regulated.”