Gujarat Government expands scope of PASA Act to include gambling, cyber crimes and violence against women


The Indian Wire on August 30th, 2020, had reported that Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Vijay Rupani, has decided to propose an ordinance for the amendment of Prevention of Anti- Social Activities (PASA) Act, 1985.

On September 16th, 2020, Wednesday, the State Home Department issued a notification and forwarded Director General of Police, City Police Commissioners and District Police chiefs to expand the scope of PASA’s implementation and to undertake the procedure under it.

The state has taken this step in a bid to re-affirm the identity of the state as peaceful, safe and secure and has expanded the scope of the Act.

Due to increase in activities such as cyber fraud, loan sharks, cyber crimes, illegal gambling, violence against women etc., the State Government has decided to extend the application of the Act to include cyber criminals, loan sharks and sexual offenders etc.

Earlier, the cyber crimes were not included within the ambit of PASA Act but to prevent duping of customers via online apps and websites and to prevent other cyber crimes including those against women, scope of the Act would be expanded. A person committing crimes under the Information Technology Act can now be detained under the PASA Act.

“We have started a procedure to implement the judgment of Gujarat High Court and moved communication regarding hat. It will be done as per the order, but as of now I can’t share the details as the process is still underway,” said Ashish Bhatia, Director General of Police to Ahmedabad Mirror.

The High Court of Gujarat in a case before it had commented on the state’s decision stating it to be applaudable but had advised to tread carefully.

“The act will be used against hardened criminals who are dangerous for public order and tranquility”, added Bhatia.


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