GWC bans Crown Perth from premium and privileged player activity


Crown Perth has been issued directions by the Gaming and Wagering Commission (GWC) of Western Australia to not engage in premium player activities.

The GWC has banned the casino operator from junket activity, premium player activity and privileged player activity. The said ban falls under Casino Control Act 1984 (Western Australia), according to reports.

Crown confirmed the ban stating that: “table games activity with patrons who are non-residents of Australia with whom Crown Perth has an arrangement to pay the patron a commission, or provide transport, accommodation, food, drink or entertainment, based on the patron’s turnover or otherwise calculated by reference to such play.”

The decision has been taken considering the fact that Crwon’s Melbourne license is under scanner.

As per Gambling Insider, Crown’s executive chairman Helen Coonan said: “Crown welcomes the announcement from the Victorian Government as it provides an opportunity to detail the reforms and changes to our business to deliver the highest standards of governance and compliance, and an organisational culture that meets community expectations.”