Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

Illinois Gaming Board is likely to impose fine on Accel Entertainment over charges of paying commission.

Accel Entertainment entered into deal with DraftKings where Accel was supposed to place advertisements of DraftKings over its machines.

In the process, however, Accel allegedly paid commissions to businesses in order to entice them to place Accel machines in more venues.

As per report by Gambling Insider, Accel allegedly paid $21,000 in commissions thus violating the Illinois Gaming Act. Notably, it is illegal to offer commissions in exchange for increased business.

Accel President and CEO Andrew Rubenstein’s statement was reported by Gambling Insider as: “This was two public companies that absolutely knew what they were doing and following the law.” He also intends to fight the allegations.

Donna More, attorney for Accel, added: “Accel is committed to conducting itself in accordance with all relevant gaming laws and regulations.”