India: Online skill gaming industry recommends standardization of gaming regulations


The online skill gaming industry of India has jointly recommended the Central Govt. of India to standardize gaming regulations. The operators have called upon the govt. to establish a new institution which would make the regulations on gaming uniform.

Notably, the Apex Court of India has, time and again, distinguished between Games of Chance and Games of Skill, where the latter is legal. Gambling, being game of chance is illegal in India.

However, states have their own rules and legislations regarding online gambling where some states have altogether outlawed gambling while few states have legalized license based gambling and casinos.

In order to resolve the conundrum, government policy think tank NITI Aayog, recently proposed “Guiding Principles for the Uniform National-Level Regulation of Online Fantasy Sports Platforms in India”. The guidelines seek to establish a single, self-regulatory body for fantasy sports.

No doubt, the proposal garnered huge industry support but now many operators are urging the govt. to cover skill based games along with fantasy sports.

As per Gambling Insider, CEO of The Online Rummy Federation Sameer Barde noted: “It is a brilliant move to have fair regulations for the online skill gaming industry in India… But at the same time, it is paramount to understand that fantasy games are only a part of the entire skill gaming industry. There is an equal, if not a larger need, to regulate the broader skill gaming industry.”

The corona virus induced economic slowdown has compelled few states to legalize and regulate gambling and the Centre is struggling to find a middle ground.