Joa Online to rebrand itself to Joabet through Gaming1’s partnership


French gaming operator Joa Online is going to rebrand itself into Joabet. This is going to be done through Gaming1’s partnership.

The enhanced offering by Gaming1will see the brand integrating its features, such as odds boosters and network tournaments

Joabet and Gaming1 originally partnered three years ago, and with this renewed partnership Joabet aims to establish itself as France’s leading sportsbook provider.

As per Gambling Insider, Damien Dufort, VP at Joabet, said: “We’re hugely excited by this rebrand, and all the exciting benefits it’s set to bring from a marketing, technical and communications perspective.

“The decision was made back in January, and I have no doubt the team’s hard work will continue to bear fruit in the period to come.”

Sylvain Boniver, COO at Gaming1, added: “We are very proud of the crucial role played by Gaming1 in helping our valued partners at Joabet get this rebrand off the ground.”