Las Vegas’ Boyd Casino fined $300,000 for mishandling customer and violating Gaming Commission’s guidelines


Boyd Hotels and Casino in Las Vegas has been fined $300,000 for mishandling a female customer and for exaggeratingly being hostile towards her.

According to CalvinAyre, the incident occurred in November where one of the customers complained to the security guards that she had been victim of theft. She complained that one another female customer had been using her slot machine while there was still some credit in it.

On hearing such complaint from the customer, the security guards at the casino instead of handling the matter with civility grabbed the alleged accused by her neck and arm and took her away for interrogation.

Not only this, they kept her in an empty room for an hour to coerce confession out of her after which she had to pay $200 for her release. However, there is no video tape available for this incident.

Additionally, attempts were also made to cover up the incident.

Later Nevada Gaming Commission stepped in for detailed investigation where Nevada Deputy Attorney General Ed Magaw found that the security had been overtly and unnecessarily rough with handling the alleged offender and therefore has violated Gaming Commission’s guidelines and customer trust.

The Commission while imposing a $300,000 fine stated that they could impose more fine as they want to send a loud message to other casino organizations to keep their behaviour in check.

Boyd Casino’s executive, VP, Steve Thompson, told the Nevada Gaming Commission that “the operator was embarrassed by the officer’s actions. We had an officer who went into hero mode instead of doing his job”, as reported by CalvinAyre.


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