Man sues Betfred in High Court for refusing to pay $2m jackpot; company claims ‘software error’


British citizen, Andy Green had won $2 million jackpot in an online game of Black Jack in January 2018.

The virtual money was transferred to his account and when Mr. Green tried to cash his winnings, the request was denied by the bookmaker company, Betfred.

The company stated that there was ‘software error’ on its part and hence the money won could not be claimed as per the terms and conditions, to which Mr. Green agreed to while signing up for the game.

The matter has been continuing since 2 years and in this duration, Betfred offered $38,000 as ‘goodwill’ amount which it later increased to $72,000.

However, Mr. Green felt this move unjustified and refused to accept the amount stating that no proofs for software error has been presented by the company. Hence, Mr. Green has now moved to Britain High Court suing Betfred’s parent company for $2.6 million, which includes the interest amount.

Mr. Green’s case revolves around the terms and conditions of Betfred, which states that all “pays and plays”, are void in the event of a “malfunction”.

Mr. Green told the BBC that, “the last two and a half years have felt like hell on earth .You wouldn’t treat an animal like I’ve been treated by Betfred. Hopefully the judge will accept the arguments put forward by my legal team”.

“My champagne remains on ice!” he added.