Tue. May 30th, 2023

Playing cards with or without stakes on the occasion of Diwali is highly popular in India.

People resort to gambling and betting more widely on the day of Diwali, than on any other day.

However, gambling is illegal under the laws of India and police arrested more than 100 people on the weekend of Diwali.

In Kamareddy town of Telangana, 109 were arrested on November 14, the night of Diwali and police seized Rs 6,49,180 in total, reported CalvinAyre.

Police also recovered playing cards from the location.

Around Rs. 1 Lakh was seized from a single house alone.

In Dharwad district of Karnataka, another 18 gambling dens were raided, resulting in 65 arrests, reported CalvinAyre.

This raid lead to seizing of Rupees 49 Lakh in total.

In several places journalists and policemen were also attacked over for the fear of disclosing the identity.

Many online gambling operators also reported spike in gambling activity during Diwali weekend.