Nagasaki govt. invites Request for Proposal for operating Integrated Resorts


The Nagasaki Prefectural Government has invited request for proposal (RFP) for the operation of Integrated Resorts (IR) by the operators.

The govt. has launched the RFP process and has published the requirements for the possible integrated resort operator. The operators have been given the deadline of January 28, 2021 for submission of RFP.

As per Gambling Insider, there are various contenders for the project on IR such as Casinos Austria, Oshidori International, Pixel Companyz, and a consortium involving Current Corporation, Get Nice Holdings, and Sofitel Ponte 16.

The partner for IR project is likely to get selected by summer or autumn, which would also be the approximate date for basic agreement signing.

The construction is likely to begin in the year 2023 upon approval of the license. However, the govt. maintained that the schedule is tentative and the ‘timing depends on the national timeline and operator plans.’