New advertising measures in UK might impose ban on celebrities endorsing gambling ads

The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), the body behind regulation of advertisement code in UK is considering banning appearance of celebrities in gambling advertisements.

The body intends to protect children below 18 years of age from being targeted by gambling operators which sign celebrities such as football coaches to influence the young audience.

The body has floated new advertising measures for public discussion and opinion which proposes ban on celebrity endorsements of the gambling products or companies.

Gambling Insider reported that the impact of the prevalence of ads that feature reality TV stars and sports personalities, such as football managers Jose Mourinho and Harry Redknapp is huge upon under age children.

Although there is pressure on CAP to completely ban gambling advertisements altogether, yet the body could not find any justification for imposing a blanket ban.

However, the body believes that celebrities should be banned from appearing in gambling advertisements as a measure to protect children under 18 years of age.