Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft commit to online gaming safety for kids

Online Gamer playing with a Mask amid covid-19

The big three of online video games in the world, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have declared of their commitment to make online gaming safer for kids in this digital era.

The three consoles makers have together published a manifesto declaring their shared commitment on the subject.

Safety of children when they indulge in the use of these online games has been a paramount concern for parents and all the stakeholders. However, the declaration on the part of makers of Nintendo Switch, a PS5, or an Xbox Series X has made things little easier.

According to report by T3 Smarter Living, Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Operations, posted the manifesto on the official Xbox site. Stating that, “gaming is for all people of all ages, including [its] youngest and most vulnerable players. All players deserve to have fantastic social gaming experiences in settings where respect and safety are mutual.”

The three giants gave three pillars with respect to online safety commitment that is, Prevention, Partnership and Responsibility.