Online sports betting to be legalized in Georgia


Georgia legislators filed the Georgia Lottery Mobile Sports Wagering Integrity Act last week indicating that online sports betting could soon be legalized in Georgia.

The 37 page Bill was sponsored and represented by three Republicans and three Democrats including primary sponsor Rep. Ron Stephens.

The Act has been named locally as HB 86 could be legalized by summer.

As per, sports betting revenue would be taxed at 16% and the application fee for acquisition of license to operate has been set at a $50,000. The cost that operators would have to bear to retain the license as been decided as $900,000 per year.

However, the Bill has not authorized betting on college sports or horse racing.

The Bill has faced significant troubles in the past due to the state being averse to the idea of legalizing gambling in the state. However, the pandemic has forced the state to reconsider its stance.