Philippines considering making immigration tougher for Chinese nationals due to gambling related crimes


Philippines has Visa upon Arrival (VUA) scheme for Chinese nationals wherein the people from China need not apply for visas in advance for travelling to Philippines.

However, Senator Risa Hontiveros of Philippines has expressed concerns and vehement protest against VUA schemes available to Chinese nationals.

The Senator was of the view that Philippine Offshore Gambling Operator (POGO), which is responsible for providing online gambling services to mainland of China is main reason for it.

POGO recruits Chinese nationals for the expansion of gambling market in China and it has given rise to crimes of Kidnapping in Philippines.

Hontiveros stated that Chinese POGO workers are the customers of prostituted and trafficked women and this has lead to increase in crime rates in the country.

According to CalvinAyre, she said: “The crime that POGOs bring to the country is endless,” Hontiveros said. “We’ve already proven at the Senate that many Chinese POGO workers are the customers of prostituted and trafficked women, and now, the PNP also confirmed that cases of kidnapping are POGO-related. This is all no thanks to the VUA scheme.”

She further said: “The VUA scheme is a dubious project. Our investigations already revealed that corrupt BI officials involved in the pastillas scam have also profited from the VUA system. They pocketed nearly P2-billion kickbacks. Whatever we turn to VUA, it is clear that it only brings persecution to our country.”