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Safer gambling online resource launched by British Horseracing Authority


British Horseracing Authority (BHA) in collaboration with Education charity ‘Racing to School’ has launched an online resource to promote safer gambling in horse racing.

The resource, Racing2Learn, is aimed at promoting safer and responsible gambling for the younger generations.

The BHA has launched the resource in observance of Safer Gambling Week in Britain.

Racing2Learn module will provide details of the rules of BHA that relate to gambling and betting so that the youngsters are enabled with sufficient safeguards while they engage in gambling.

The module also focuses upon problem gambling and how to deal with it. It provides basic information on the subject along with widely used terminologies relating to problem gambling.

Will Lambe, Executive Director of the BHA, said: “Responsible gambling is an important topic for our sport and our industry, and education can be a hugely influential tool in ensuring those who bet on British racing do so safely”, reported Gambling Insider.