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Scout Gaming to launch daily fantasy sports product on ATG.se


Scout Gaming is going to launch its daily fantasy sports product very soon. For doing so, it has signed an agreement with the Swedish horseracing firm ATG.

ATG is the market’s largest operator in terms of turnover and would launch Scout Gaming’s product on ATG.se.

The launch is timed to match the start of the next English Premier League and major European sport league seasons.

As per Gambling Insider, Scout Gaming’s CCO Joakim Renman said: “I’m very excited to have the privilege of launching our fantasy sports product on ATG.se, thus reaching a wider potential player base than ever before.”

He added: “ATG has in a short time proven to be very agile in its expansion into new products, therefore it is not a surprise they now are first to seize the opportunity of being an early mover in a fast-expanding trend within fantasy sports.”

ATG’s head of sports betting, Christian Erlandsson, added: “We try to constantly offer our customers exciting new experiences and are keen to add fantasy sports as, what we hope will be, a key vertical offering for ATG moving forward”.