SkyBet altering its office buildings to make Work from Home easier

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Sky Betting and Gaming, better known as Sky Bet, is altering its office buildings to create a more hybrid atmosphere of work and home.

The company is uprooting itself from its current office in Leeds to a new commercial zone in Wellington Place. The office’s blueprints are being designed to make work from home easier. They have been altered to create a place, where its 1,400 employees live near the office buildings called as ‘neighbourhoods’ and can come to work ‘when it is required’.

The new changes have been made keeping in mind the impact of COVID-19 on the office work and the spaces have been designed to protect the workforce from the pandemic.

The transition from office work to work from home has been the defining moment of the year 2020 where many companies including SkyBet and Flutter Entertainment saw continue WFH scheme.

As per, Sky Bet’s Brand Creative and Sponsorship Director Michael Afflick said that the goal is to “promote working from home when [employees] want to and coming into the office when [they] need to.”

The new facility establishes on-site neighbourhoods which are the physical spaces where the employees can connect while working from home. There are going to be multiple rooms for meetings and office space for desktop job. A gymnasium, cafeteria, gaming room and faith room has been proposed.

As per, Afflick explains, “We’re preparing for a post-COVID world so the desks won’t be two metres apart. We want to make coming into work more appealing than it ever has before. We think that part-time office working and more collaborative spaces will set us up better for the future.”