Tue. May 30th, 2023

Ukraine is going to host biggest and first ever gaming week in Ukraine in February 2021. The Ukrainian Gaming Week will be organized by Smile-Expo which would witness large number of operators and gamblers gathering under the same roof.

This move had been long expected after Ukraine legalized gambling in August this year after bill 2285-d was passed into law. This was made to generate revenue due to crashing economy following COVID-19.

The event would be held at capital city of Kyiv at the IEC Pavilion 4-B where the operators would present variety of gaming and gambling options to the players.

Software developers, online casino operators, payment processing companies, betting offices, and many more will be taking part in this huge event, according to World Casino Directory.

The aim is to bring participants from various sectors together under one roof so as to enable them explore opportunities and make connections.