Fri. May 24th, 2024

Spain’s Joint Commission has conducted a study on ‘Addiction Behaviours’ and based on its study, it has suggested that loot boxes should be reclassified as gambling products under the Gambling Laws.

Mikel Arana, Director-General of Spain’s DGOJ, confirmed the news and stated that DGOJ has advised government to make requisite changes under the law.

Further, Joint Commission has also sought support from Responsible Gaming Advisory Council in classifying the lootboxes as gambling components, reported SBC News.

Like many European countries, Spain is also trying to limit compulsive, impulsive and addictive behaviour in digital transactions, especially to protect its minor citizens.

The DGOJ reported that the new laws would be drafted and would be released for public consultations in mid of year 2021.

The Government intends to promote responsible gambling standards and consumer safeguards by amending digital laws.

The loot boxes need to be addressed as a part of this entire exercise because in-game mechanics lack transparent regulation.