Sports betting measures approved by Georgia Senate


Sports betting could soon become legal in the State of Georgia as the Senate has approved sports betting measures.

This approval could pave the way for rest of the legal approvals as the Senate Resolution would move for voting at the House.

The House is to consider the Senate Resolution 135 next week and after that state constitutional amendment would be required to full legalize sports betting in Georgia.

In order to gain full approval for the said resolution, a two-thirds vote is required in the House and Senate. After that a public approval in a statewide election would follow.

This week, the resolution passed in the Senate on a 41-10 vote where the Senate has 56 members.

Sen. Jeff Mullis (R). the lead sponsor of the measures, said: “The constitutional amendment is simply allowing the very people that you represent — the ones that vote for,  or maybe don’t vote for you — you’re allowing them to decide no or yes on sports betting.”