Tips to keep in mind when betting on IPL 2021

cricket betting

The recently completed IPL 2021 Auction has set the world of cricket abuzz with excitement. With new players making their entries as well as some great additions to every IPL team, fans are looking forward to starting off the season with bated breath!

And like every year, using gaming apps and websites to place bets and wagers on your favorite cricketers and teams is going to be an essential part of IPL 2021. So while we wait for the year’s most momentous cricket season to roll around, here are the best cricket betting sites in India that you should visit during the IPL this year.

However, while adrenaline and anticipation run high, it is easy to let your emotions get the best of you. That’s why we thought of compiling some betting tips that you might want to keep in mind when watching IPL 2021.

1. Never bet with money you don’t have.

This particular piece of advice seems pretty basic, but you’d be surprised with how many people actually end up ignoring it. When you bet on your favorite IPL teams this year, make sure to only use the extra money that you have saved up!

Never use borrowed money or money needed for your monthly expenditure to bet on the IPL. That will only lead to sticky situations that you might not enjoy very much.

2. Don’t let your emotions guide you.

We are all guilty of having a favorite team that we keep supporting, even if they haven’t been performing the best (looking at you, Chennai Super Kings). While emotional support is one thing, betting on a team purely based on your personal preference is not advisable.

Instead, always study the performance of the teams and try to think rationally about which team should win. Profitable IPL betting is all about the skill of the player!

3. Set a limit before you play.

When wagering on sports events such as the IPL, it is important to set a budget within which you will restrict your wagers. Gambling has a pretty bad reputation, mostly because people lack self-control.

That’s why we always recommend that you only stick to a certain budget that is affordable for you. Never go overboard with what you spend.

4. Know that you can lose.

Betting on the IPL is as fun as it is harmless. But only if you know and accept that you can lose. While it is awesome to win a wager made on your favorite team, always be ready for losing too!

Just as in the actual game of cricket, losses are a part of the whole fun. And you must always deal with a loss in a positive manner. Because what you may have lost today, you just may win back tomorrow!

5. Don’t think of wagering as a way to make money.

Betting on the IPL is a way for ardent fans to enjoy their favorite sport, cricket. And it is important that you never think of IPL betting as anything more than that.

A lot of people end up expecting to make a good ol’ fortune from wagering on a cricket match, and while that may be true for some lucky people, we don’t recommend that you bet on any sport with the expectation to make money.

IPL betting is a fun hobby, let it remain exactly that!

So if you end up losing a match or two, don’t chase your loss or place more extravagant bets. Instead, know when to say “No” and try again next year!