Unified Gambling Authority to be formed in Spain


As a part of gambling harmonization, the Spain’s DGOJ has signed deal with UNE for establishing one body for controlling gambling activities in the country.

According to the deal, the Spain’s harmonizing authority would unify the federal gambling laws and establish the standards and market control.

UNE is the standardization body formed by the Ministry of Economy which oversees the compliance of the laws of the European Union across the 17 autonomous units of Spain.

The partnership of UNE with Spain’s DGOJ will witness forming of  a new agency or a technical body which would take standardised actions in the field of online gambling.

UNE will spearhead how the body forms its frameworks with regards to the monitoring of unified standards, gathering feedback from autonomous regions and the ‘accreditation of experts’ in relation to technical concerns.

The partnership has been approved by Spain’s, as the lead regulatory department which oversees Spanish gambling laws and the market controls of the DGOJ.

SBC News reported that according to authorities in Spain, the harmonisation of standards would benefit Spain’s public administrations, health services and consumers as stakeholders entwined in the make-up of Spain’s gambling laws.