Woman in US sues Apple for alleged ‘gambling’ losses

imagesource: New Indian Express
imagesource: New Indian Express

US resident Karen Workman sued Apple for her gambling losses via Apple’s in –app purchases.

Workman claimed that she made $3,312.19 – roughly £2,500 – in in-app purchases for the free-to-play i-Phone game Jackpot Mania over a period of six months.

She contended that this is a form of gambling and Apple is responsible for her gambling losses as Jackpot Mania has precisely that gambling character from which customers are supposed to be protected.

She further claimed that she continued making in-app purchases in expectation of getting free coins for continuing to play the game.

Notably, Apple prohibits gambling apps in the App Store, however, the petition claimed that the statements like- ‘the ability to win and therefore acquire more playing time’ fall into the category of gambling.

Further developments remain to be seen.