Steam’s redesigned library now available to all Steam users

steam remote play together

Back in September, Valve added a new update to Steam focussing towards its recommendation feed to be more precise and diverse while suggesting titles, by making algorithmic changes and bug fixes. Then earlier this month, Valve announced that Steam is all set with a new update which will let you play local-only multiplayer games with friends online, which went live for beta testers just a few days ago. The new feature is dubbed as ‘Remote Play Together’. And now, following its September announcement, Steam’s redesigned library is out now for everyone.

Steam’s redesigned library tweaks the visual display alongside a new recommendation algorithm which makes it easier to find games. Moreover, you can also know what games your friends are enjoying. The redesign also adds a new central hub that offers players with all the latest news, updates and events surrounding the games they like.

Furthermore, today’s update also brings the Remote Play Together Beta to all Steam users. With this new ‘Remote Play Together’ feature, players will be able to enjoy local multiplayer games with their friends online.

Here’s how the redesigned library looks like:


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