The Indian Wire » Gaming » A bug in Destiny 2 is causing infinite ammo in Telesto gun

A bug in Destiny 2 is causing infinite ammo in Telesto gun

a new bug is giving unlimited ammo to telesto gun

Destiny 2‘s season 9 has recently started and Bungie is continuously making changes in the game to make it better but every time the studio fixes an issue, a new bug takes its place. This time a bug has been found in the Telesto gun. Players have discovered that the gun is giving unlimited free special ammo.

A new mod for the game “Heavy Handed” is causing the bug in the game. The bug does not increase damage, it simply gives unlimited ammo to the gun. The Mod has two perks for the game, the first one focuses on the energy while the second focuses on weapons. The bug is in the second perk and it is giving unlimited ammo to the players. The perk is kawn as The Lock and Load perk and it adds ammo if a player kills an opponent with a Fusion Rifle, Shotgun, Sidearm, or Submachine Gun. But due to the bug, the game is counting the shots as a successful kill. Players will need to be surrounded by enemies to make the bug work.

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