Akshay Kumar announces FAU-G after PUB-G ban, Internet goes crazy

FAUG poster
Image Source:Twitter

Akshay Kumar twitter by storm after announcing India’s own answer to PUBG, named FAU-G.

Just 48 hours after the ban of PUBG, India has already announced its own alternative called FAU-G. FAU-G is supposed to be a complete PUBG like game but it would teach the players the struggle which our soldiers face on the border protecting us.

The full form of FAU-G is Fearless and United guards. The ban of PUBG has left millions of active PUBG players in disarray. The government played the move at the perfect moment. Once the game is out it would see a huge amount of downloads for sure.

The question is will it be as good as PUBG. If yes, then this would turn out to be a masterstroke. FAU-G is a brainchild of nCore games, a mobile games publisher advised an invested in by veteran tech entrepreneur Vishal Gondal.

FAUG meme

Akshay Kumar announced this game with this tweet

“Supporting PM Narendra Modi’s AtmaNirbhar movement, proud to present an action game, Fearless And United-Guards FAU-G. Besides entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. 20% of the net revenue generated will be donated to BharatKeVeer Trust.”

There is already a buzz and excitement among the crowd about the launch. Memes have started to flow on Twitter and Instagram. People are divided on opinions about the game. Some say this move is brilliant and must be praised, while some say that India must really not copy things and make something unique.

Criticism is a part of every big or small move. PUBG owners have seen billions of dollars of revenue loss in just two days after the ban. That’s how strong the market of PUBG was, in India. If FAU-G delivers, then surely it will be the fan-favorite in India. All the millions of PUBG players will jump right in. The ones playing COD or Free Fire will surely try FAU-G for once. It would be difficult to match the levels of Activision but this could be the start of something very exciting for nCore games.

The game is expected to launch in October.


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