Tue. Dec 6th, 2022
Alan Wake 2

Rejoice with a grain of salt, fellow Alan Wake fans! Alan Wake 2 has possibly been teased by the official Old Gods of Asgard Facebook page. The facebook page has been inactive since 2010. It had been inactive even when the game went on sale when it was about to taken down because of music license cessation. And even when Control released.

Alan Wake 2 Teased by Old Gods of Asgard Facebook page behind Control and Alan Wake
Old Gods of Asgard Facebook Page

What is Old Gods of Asgard? They’re a made-up rock band that appears in the reality of the game. But it includes the Control universe as well since they’re part of the same world. Control and Alan Wake share the same metaverse. The AWE DLC in Control that recently came out makes it obvious that Remedy hasn’t exactly forgotten about the game.

As it turns out now, the facebook page recently updated its cover photo. But it might be true that they’re just playing with our hearts, but that it is too much effort to put in something like that. We haven’t heard anything directly related to Alan Wake 2 for a long time now, but that might soon change!

In the game, OGA is a fictional band composed of two members – Odin and Tor Anderson. They’re both very old and undergo treatment at Emil Hartman’s Cauldron Lake Lodge clinic. They suffer from dementia. The real band that plays the music behind Old Gods of Asgard is Poets of the Fall.

Alan Wake Anderson Brothers Poets of the Fall Old Gods of Asgard

Follow The Indian Wire regularly, and who knows when we’ll be back with news for more teasers around Alan Wake 2. May the harbingers of war be with you.

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