Amazon has new cloud gaming service – Luna; now live

Amazon Luna cloud gaming Fire TV PC Mac IOS

Amazon has a new cloud gaming service – Luna, and is now in early access. It’s not available everywhere, but for selected customers. It’s only available in the US for now. A handful of US-based customers will receive invitations to test Luna. They’ll also get an option to buy the new Luna controller through this. To remind you, it’s not necessary though.

Amazon Luna controller Fire TV PC Mac Windows IOS cloud gaming streaming

During early access, Amazon Luna is going to be available on Windows, Mac, Fire TV, and on Web Apps for IOS. We’re still waiting on the Android version but it will come out eventually. For now, the service is fully subscription-based. You cannot purchase individual games, or their DLCs. There’s the Luna Plus Game Channel on which players can choose to play from a diverse collection of 50 games.

Besides that, there’ll soon be Ubisoft-specific channel and other publishers are likely to follow suit as well. The Lune Plus Game Channel subscription currently costs only $ 5.99 a month for 50 games. Early access players can get Luna Plus free on trial for seven days. Following that, Amazon will start auto-debiting your card on a monthly basis.

They had announced the Luna venture a month back, but it had been in the rumors for a while now. This is the initial testing phase where Amazon expects a lot of customer feedback, from all walks of life. To try out its feasibility with all sorts of audience, atleast for now in a US-based market. Here’s hoping it reaches India soon as there’s not a lot of competition here in the cloud gaming market yet.