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Apex Legends shield is reflecting a sniper bullet

Apex Legends online tournament

Apex Legends is in the list of the top Battle Royale games. The game is always receiving patches and updates. Recently, the game received its December patch update that changed its whole progression system. But it looks like the needs another patch update because a glitch has been discovered in the game. The glitch is deflecting sniper bullets if they struck in a shield.

The glitch is discovered by de_supreme, he posted a video of this glitch on Reddit. In the video, we can three players in the field. While de_supreme, who is on the top, shoots another player, the player uses his shield to save himself. But in a bizarre incident, the bullet deflects and goes to the direction it came from, Just a few inches above the head of the player.

The player is using the Krabel 50 cal sniper, which is considered one of the strongest snipers in the game. If the shield is deflecting a bullet from Krabel that means Apex needs a patch for this glitch. Some other players have also reported the same glitch too. The developers haven’t said if this is actually working as intended or if it’s a bug, but it’s certainly leaning more towards being a bug.

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