Battlefield 5 to add The Wake Island map from Battlefield 3

Battlefield 5 war of pacific

Back in June, EA and Dice hinted the fans that they are planning a move to the pacific battles with Battlefield 5 when they offered the fans with glimpses of what’s next to come. However, no further details were unveiled back then as the trailer only showcased an American and Japanese soldier fistfighting for only a few seconds before the trailer ended. Then the studio launched the Battlefield 5 in October with title ‘War In Pacific’

The two maps of the game Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm maps were both well-received by the gamers and now, the studio is bringing a new map from an old Game. The DICE studio is bringing Wake Island map to the game, the map was used in Battlefield 3. The studio released the trailer of Wake Island in youtube:

The map is available in both Breakthrough and Conquest Assault modes. DICE confirmed today that Battlefield 5‘s Wake Island will be twice the size of the original Wake Island map. While the map’s bigger, there are also more places to hide and opportunities to sneak up on enemies as the new maps has increased the number of rocks and trees.

Wake Island will be launching on December 12. To follow, DICE will also be adding the new Community Games feature as part of Update 5.2. This will allow players to create their own playlists of maps and modes.


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