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Best PUBG Wallpapers HD Download with 4k, 1080p resolution for Mobile and Desktop

Erangel hd live wallpaper-beautiful landscape-pubg

PUBG, as most of us know, is a very popular Battle Royale game, which was launched back as a beta program back in March 2017, available for Microsoft Windows via Steam. A full release was made available in December 2017. Since Day 1 of its launch, PUBG has been a favourite amongst gamers and took the gaming industry by storm. PUBG has been a game-changer in the industry as it popularised the Battle Royale mode which gamers from all around the world embraced openheartedly. This rise in success further resulted in the adoption of a free-to-play mobile version of the game which again turned out to be a hit.

PUBG’s gameplay, graphics, visuals, weaponry well I would say almost everything has been flawless accept a few technical bugs here and there which the company keeps on improving. So, here I bring you the best PUBG 1080p HD Wallpapers for mobile and desktop and let you decide for yourself how beautifully the maps and other things have been laid out.

PUBG HD Wallpapers:

PUBG high resolution 4k cover wallpaper

PUBG girl hd wallpaper 1920x1080

pubg mobile girl hd wallpaper

airdrop PUBG hd wallpaper for mobile

PUBG 4k hd animated art

PUBG 1080p hd landscape wallpaper for mobile

PUBG squad hd wallpaper

new pubg hd 4k wallpapers

best wallpaper pubg 4k hd

pubg ultrahd wallpaper for desktop

winner winner chicken dinner ultrawide wallpaper pubg

pubg hd landscape 4k wallpaper

pubg girl 4k hd wallpaper with 1080p resolution

pubg car fight 1920x1080 hd wallpaper

pubg characters 4k wallpaper

pubg skydiving wallpaper full hd

PUBG live wallpaper hd

hd pubg wallpaper 1080p for fb cover

pubg hd wallpaper download for mobile

PUBG-Flare Gun 4K Ultra HD Mobile Wallpaper

android pubg wallpaper hd

pubg hd wallpaper for android-windows-ios

PUBG Maps HD Wallpapers:

PUBG features 3 maps namely Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi with Erangel 2.0 recently added to the PC version of the game but yet to be included in the mobile version of the game. Here are some spectacular PUBG HD landscapes from the game:

PUBG live Erangel HD wallpaper

Erangel 720p HD wallpaper for desktop background

PUBG Vikendi map HD wallpaper

PUBG 4k hd wallpaper for desktop

pubg vikendi iphone wallpaper hd

vikendi map pubg 1080p hd wallpaper

pubg hd wallpaper for android miramar

Miramar 4k desktop wallpaper

pubg hd wallpaper for ipad

pubg shanhok hd wallpaper in 4k resolution


Pubg hd live wallpaper 1080ppubg sanhok wallpaper ultrahd

PUBG Weapons HD Wallpapers:

PUBG features an impressive collection of weaponry. It includes some really deadly Assault Rifles, DMRs, SMGs and Sniper Rifles. Some widely preferred weapons include AKM, M416, AWM, Kar98, DP-28, Groza, M762 Beryl and more. Here are some really cool PUBG Weapons HD Wallpapers for you:

AWM Sniping hd wallpaper-pubg sniping

DP-28 1080p hd wallpaper pubg

Pubg Kar98 sniper hd wallpaper

PUBG Gilli suit hd wallpaper

Kar98 1080p wallpaper for android

mk-14 hd desktop wallpaper ultrahd

PUBG AWM hd wallpaper in 1080p

VSS hd wallpaper PUBG

AWM 4k ultra hd wallpaper


PUBG Anmie Ultra HD 4K Wallpaper:


PUBG Girl ultrawide wallpaper

pubg 1920*1080 hd wallpaper

PUBG Logo 4k wallpaper

Pubg phone wallpaper hd

pubg animated ultrawide wallpaper

1080p high resolution pubg wallpaper girl

iphone pubg hd wallpaper-windows pubg background

pubg hd wallpaper download for android

1080p high resolution pubg wallpaper for windows1080p pubg hd animated wallpapers for PC

animated pubg wallpaper ultrahd

PUBG Zombie Mode 1080p Wallpaper:

pubg darkest night 1080 p hd wallpaper

wallpaper pubg hd infection mode

4k pubg wallpaper hd

So these were some of the best high-resolution PUBG wallpapers in categories like weapons, characters, locations, maps and animated characters for both, Android & iOS devices as well as desktop screens. We have also included a few wallpapers specifically to be used as social media covers (Facebook cover image, twitter cover image, Instagram, youtube thumbnails). If you have any suggestions regarding the collection of wallpapers on this page, feel free to suggest us in the comment section below. We love listening from the readers.

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