Call of Duty Modern Warfare latest update adds Snowball fight Mode

Season 1 road map

Call of Duty is celebrating season 1 and the fourth week is already here. The studio is very punctual on sending updates and bugs patches. Last week’s update brought two new modes Gunfight: OSP (replaces Gunfight) – Infected (replaces Reinforce) along with the Hardcore additions. With the starting of the fourth week, the game has received yet another update for the game. This time the game has received a Christmas Gift in the form of SnowBall Gunfight mode.

In this new addition, when the players are in GunFight OSP, they will have to collect snowballs from the piles of them lying around the new Winter Docks map. Once obtained, these snowballs work like throwing knives, leading to one very deadly snowball fight. The first round of the game will not have any Guns. This round will be like a warm-up match. While snowballs don’t give any obvious advantages, they do allow players to net disrespectful victories or continue to partake in honorable snow-based duels.


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