DICE addresses Battlefield V title update 5.2 TTK concerns

Back in June, EA and Dice hinted the fans that they are planning a move to the pacific battles with Battlefield 5 when they offered the fans with glimpses of what’s next to come. However, no further details were unveiled back then as the trailer only showcased an American and Japanese soldier fistfighting for only a few seconds before the trailer ended. Then back in October, a new teaser was just released confirming that the next update coming to the title is ‘War In Pacific’ which finally arrived on October 31st.

EA and DICE had already promised a new title update would in December with some big changes on the way, following which, the companies announced title update 5.2 last week. However, ever since the announcement of the title update, Battlefields 5 players have been concerned about whether the update will require more bullets to kill an enemy, thereby affecting the online shooters time-to-kill (or TTK).

But now DICE has responded, confirming that the upcoming title update 5.2 won’t change how the weapons behave and they will be as originally designed, reducing the long-range effectiveness of certain gun classes:

“We have not set out to change the time to kill in Battlefield. We are honest when we state that we’re focused on balancing how each and every weapon across a range of classes and weapon types behave at different ranges. We acknowledge completely that at extreme ranges, weapons being used outside of our intended design will be less effective, but we’re not invested in changing the lethality of Battlefield V nor punishing skilled players who are consistent in landing their shots or the players who push for that critical headshot. Changing the base time to kill is not our goal, and these changes are far broader and more advanced than the blanket damage reduction that we briefly implemented late last year. It comes as a result of very carefully planned changes that encourage a better entry point for players wanting to commit to Battlefield, whilst sustaining skill cannon weapons that reward committed players.”


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