EA is introducing new features and updates in ‘Career Mode’: FIFA 20

EA Sports FIFA 20 poster
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FIFA fans around the world finally have good news. EA Sports in a Pitch Notes update announced a few improvements and addition of new features to the ‘Career Mode’ in FIFA 20. As EA Sports face tough competition from Konami’s ‘eFootball PES 2020’, this comes as a big announcement on EA Sports’ part. The most remarkable change announced was the introduction of customizable managers wherein you can opt for a female manager now along with a few other changes including game impacting team talks, and changes to effects on players based on performance.

“Our vision was to breathe new life into the Manager Career experience by … [building] a variation of ever-changing stories that would surface to our players through pre- and post-match press conferences and player conversations,” EA said in a blog post.

Another noteworthy change EA introduced is now players can disable International Management job bids after you begin another career. Players familiar with this know-how annoying it gets once you go for a new career.

Managers from now on will be able to discuss with players one-on-one through a “messaging app-like interface,” EA said. “The manager will have to deal with a variety of requests from players as well as happy or disgruntled players that are trying to get their thoughts across. The manager will have to find ways, either through direct actions or by communicating his/her stance in order to mitigate and solve these situations.”

FIFA 20 female manager

Let’s have a look into all the changes EA is bringing on with the latest version of FIFA:

  • Customizable managers: Gender, body type, skin tone, clothing, and hairstyles can all be customized now.
  • Reactive morale and performance: Press conferences, squad rotation, one-to-one chats and more can directly affect players.
  • Dynamic Player Potential: Players’ final OVR statistic will be affected by how well they perform in matches – most importantly for young players, who improve even further with first-team experience.
  • Career highlights: The news feed will now display Live News Screenshots from your matches.
  • Dynamic UI: The mode will use authentic branding from the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, LaLiga Santander, MLS, and UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Watch the video below to get more detailed insight on the changes being introduced:


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