Epic Games’ Battle Against Apple takes another step

Tart Tycoon

The feud between Epic Games and Apple has escalated once again. The fight for the commission charged on Apple’s app store, Epic has been taken another step forward by hosting a #FreeFortnite Tournament with some Non-Apple gifts as a reward for a select few.

Epic vs Apple Feud Background

For those who are unaware of this feud. Last week on Thursday Fortnite in an effort to circumvent Apple and Google’s platform commission charges added an update that would allow a user to buy the In-App purchases through a third-party thus bypassing the commission which Apple and Google charge on their App Stores.

This update violated the Terms and Conditions of both App Stores as they removed Fortnite from the stores. Leading to Fortnite crying bloody murder and suing both of them for the Liberty and Freedom and obviously a bigger cut.

After which Apple threatened to remove Epic Games from having access to its development tools thus removing the possibility of them developing any content for Apple’s App Stores if they continue to sue them or try to bypass the system. Which led to Epic Games requesting for another court order trying to stop that from happening.

Apple in a statement they released on Monday declared that they are willing to accept Fortnite back into it’s App Store and not suspend Epic’s developer’s license as long as Epic publishes an update conforming to the App Store guidelines.

The latest update on this issue is that Epic Games Chief Tim Sweeney was seeking a side deal from Apple towards the end of July and they have decided to host an anti-Apple event as retaliation against Apple before the iOS users are left behind in this season. Or Apple deletes its developer’s license causing irreparable damage to Epic.

The #FreeFortnite Tournament details and rewards

#FreeFortnite rules and details
From NewsWeek

Epic has listed a number of gifts/rewards ranging from an in-game costume of a bad apple referred to as Tart Tycoon to Alienware gaming laptops and OnePlus8.

Tart Tycoon
From iRushAlways

Epic is giving you other devices where you can play Fortnite for playing Fortnite and winning.

A full list of those devices are down below.

  • Alienware gaming laptop
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • OnePlus 8
  • PS4 Pro
  • Xbox One X
  • Nintendo Switch



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