Epic Games files complaint against accusation of stealing Dancing Pumpkin Man

Fortnite again faces a lawsuit

Fortnite game has been accused of stealing dance moves for so many time.  This time it is the Dancing Pumpkin Man. On 30th December, Matthew Geiler who is also known as “Dancing Pumpkin Man”  and his creative consulting company, Sick Picnic Media issued a notice of Cease and Desist to Epic Games.

Epic Games, in response to the letter, filed a preemptive complaint against the company. Epic Game is claiming that the Dancing Pumpkin Man is not a trademark character so Geiler and his company can not file a cease and desist. Epic Games has also given a list of every character who has a pumpkin head to prove that Sick Picnic’s character is not unique. The lawsuit by Epic Games also states that Geiler can not claim the character because Geiler has “already granted Epic Games a license to the ‘character,’ the Video, and the content therein.”

Epic Games wants the court to declare that it’s not breaking any rules upfront and also asks for legal fees, expenses, and different relief as the Court deems just and proper.


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