Facebook buys Beat Saber creator studio

HANOVER, GERMANY - JUNE 12: The Facebook logo is displayed at the 2018 CeBIT technology trade fair on June 12, 2018 in Hanover, Germany. The 2018 CeBIT is running from June 11-15. (Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images)

The gaming industry is expanding and adapting to new technology. The next big thing in gaming is Virtual reality. There are studios like Valve who are developing games such as Half-Life: Alyx, the virtual reality game. Facebook, the social media giant also understands the importance of VR devices, that’s why it opened its VR division Oculus.

Today official twitter account of Oculus announced that they have bought a new gaming studio. The new gaming studio is Beat Studio, the studio behind the popular VR game “Beat Saber.”

“Great news: @BeatGamesStudio is joining Oculus Studios! @BeatSaber is the first VR-only platinum hit + one of the best ways to show people the magic of VR. We’re excited to welcome this awesome team.”

Beat saber was launched in 2018. The game is that’s equal parts Fruit Ninja and Guitar Hero. Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game where the player wields two sabers in a neon arcade environment, slashing colored blocks in time with the music. It is considered one of the most accessible and popular virtual reality games and is available on the PlayStation 4 as well as Windows and the Oculus Quest. The game sold over 1 million copies of the game.

Oculus director of content Mike Verdu wrote in a blog post “Beat Games will “continue to ship content and updates for Beat Saber at the same time across all currently supported platforms.” Facebook did not disclose the size of the deal, but the company hinted that it may acquire more video game studios in 2020, in a blog post announcing the acquisition. “We’re exploring many ways to accelerate VR,” Verdu wrote. “This is just the beginning.”



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