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Facebook’s AI Assisstant is learning ‘How To Play Minecraft?’


Artificial Intelligence(AI) is one of the fastest-growing technologies today all around the world. It is one technology that can influence human life to a great extent thereby, making human tasks simpler. Scientists are working every day to explore new ways to use AI technologies for their benefit. In a similar attempt, a team of Facebook and MIT computer scientists is trying to build an advanced new AI assistant. Facebook is using Mojang’s Minecraft to train this AI assistant. 

“The ultimate goal is to create an assistant that can handle a wide variety of tasks — AI algorithms are generally very good at just one thing — and learn even more as it interacts with humans”MIT Technology Review reports.

Facebook says that the AI assistant would be capable of interacting with players and then perform tasks based on the requests of the user. The assistant will further learn via interactions and develop new skills. Minecraftinfinite variety” combined with simplicity and sandbox nature makes it a perfect game choice to develop an AI assistant. Furthermore, Minecraft offers immense scope for an AI to develop natural language processing skills. The ultimate goal is to develop an AI that can assist humans with day-to-day tasks and Facebook has now long been involved in the research.

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