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FAU-G: Indian PUBG launches in November

FAU-G Indian PUBG best mobile game Galwan Valley nCoreGames

FAU-G is the first battle royale game set in India made by nCoreGames. Moreover, it features the Indian Army. As seen in a new teaser, FAU-G’s first level is based in the Galwan Valley. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is behind the marketing team. Obviously, that is what is behind the popularity of the game. Besides, he’s also backing the game at a funding level.

Actual gameplay or map details are still cloudy. Since, nCoreGames has only shared teasers and tweets about FAU-G. We can assume that the visuals are going to be somewhat like the teasers. But even that is unsure so early, as they’re still hiring game developers for the team. We can still safely concur that the art direction is going to go the generic asset-flip style.

The teaser’s cover image reveals that the game will be available for download via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. A console or PC launch isn’t expected, but might come in the future. To summarize, FAU-G is an acronym for Fearless and United-Guards. The developer is also supposed to donate 20 percent of its revenues to Bharat Ke Veer initiative.

FAU-G Indian PUBG best mobile game Galwan Valley nCoreGames

Back in September, FAU-G was announced not even one week after the PUBG Mobile ban in India. Naturally, it sparked concern among the battle-royale fans in the country. Collaterally, nCoreGames is bridging the void left by the ban. It’s their first own take at the genre with this game. Canadian-Indian actor Akshay Kumar shared its first teaser on Twitter.

Leaving FAU-G aside, both the Mobile and Mobile Lite versions of PUBG remain banned in India. Currently, PUBG Corporation is trying for a way back into the Indian market. It cut off ties with the Chinese conglomerate Tencent. Let’s see how Galwan Valley plays into the BR genre.