First Super Nintendo World theme park arriving to Japan in ‘Spring 2020’


Universal Studios is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood film studios. The Studio has already been the creator of some of the most heart-throbbing worlds including the likes of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Marvel Superhero Island. Moreover, we already know that the most recent project, the company is heavily involved in is the Super Nintendo World, which is set to open in Universal Studios Japan in the spring of 2020. But what’s even more interesting is that the Super Nintendo World might be getting a gaming element which will feature Nintendo Switch integration to further improve the theme park’s interactive experience.

CEO of Universal Parks & Resorts, Tom Williams, has already revealed that the first Nintendo Universal Studios park is all set to come up with another mesmerizing world next year and this time, a Nintendo Switch integration is very much on the line. CEO Tom Williams, in an interview with Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Jessica Jean Reif Cohen, provided several details about Super Nintendo World ahead of its debut next year in Japan.


Williams quoted during the interview that the Super Nintendo World wristband also “interfaces with your game console.” However, he specifically never mentioned the Nintendo Switch, but given the console’s portability, which will be helped by the forthcoming dispatch of the Nintendo Switch Lite, Williams is most likely referring to Nintendo’s most recent reassure. Although, we are pretty sure of the fact that the initial launch of the park will be featuring a Mario Kart-themed ride and another based on Yoshi. The Mario-kart will also offer interactive features and use magnetic bracelets, dawning the Mario icon.

Williams further commented, “You will be able to go up and keep score and play with the various games and that also translates to a score-keeping capability, if you choose to do so within the rides and it actually interfaces back with your game console.”


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