Fortnite Chapter 2 brings a new map, weapons, new battle pass, rewards and more

Fortnite new harpoon gun

Ever since its launch, Fortnite has had an amazing journey and that continued to be the case with Season 10 as well. However,  Season 10 was scheduled to end on October 13 at 2 p.m. ET after being extended for a week. As Season 10 ended, players couldn’t do anything when they logged in to Fortnite as there was just a black hole ahead of  Chapter 2. And now, Fortnite is back for a new Chapter 2 with a brand new map as suggested by the leaked battle pass trailer.

After almost being nothing but a black hole for 40 hours, Fortnite is finally back with the long-awaited and highly anticipated Chapter 2 which further brings a new map to explore. The new map is quite different from the previous map as this one features plenty of forests, mountains, and lakes to explore, but much fewer city or urban locales. Moreover the new Chapter 2 also brings new weapons, characters and in-game actions like being able to swim or carry other players. New weapons include rocket launchers and a brand-new semi-automatic pistol. Players can now better hide and duck in haystacks or dumpsters. Also, similar to earlier seasons there’s also a new battle pass which will help players earn bonuses and other rewards.


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