‘Fortnite Chapter 2’ has boats flying across the map

fortnite chapter 2 week 3 challenges

Ever since its launch, Fortnite has had an amazing journey and that continued to be the case with Season 10 as well. However,  Season 10 was scheduled to end on October 13 at 2 p.m. ET after being extended for a week. As Season 10 ended, players couldn’t do anything when they logged in to Fortnite as there was just a black hole ahead of  Chapter 2. And now, Fortnite is back for a new Chapter 2 with a brand new map as suggested by the leaked battle pass trailer. Interestingly, a bug is allowing boats to fly in Fortnite. Here’s everything you need to know about the boat bug and how to fly boat in Fortnite:

First of all, you’ll need to park your boat along the waterfall located northwest of Lazy Lake. Then jump on the boat and boost off the edge, you’ll notice that your boat isn’t on the water anymore and you’ll be flying all around the map in your boat. However, if you are planning on getting down after your flight, you’ll have to make sure you’re over the water.

Here’s the original Reddit thread which posted the bug for the first time:

Flying Boat new meta from FortNiteBR

Epic has already commented on the Reddit thread that the company is working on a fix and may come up with one soon by the end of this week. So, don’t wait if you too want to fly your boat in Fortnite.


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