Fortnite Chapter 2 Open Water Challenges: Where To Find The Hidden ‘O’ In The ‘Open Water’ Loading Screen

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On October 13th, Fortnite Season 10 officially ended. As the Season 10 ended, players couldn’t do anything when they logged in to Fortnite as there was just a black hole ahead of  Chapter 2. And now, Fortnite is back for a new Chapter 2 with a brand new map as suggested by the leaked battle pass trailer. And with the new Chapter 2 also arrives a new set of ‘Open Water challenges’. The new challenges feature a mission wherein players are required to search hidden ‘O’ found in the Open Water Loading Screen.  Here’s ‘Where To Find The Hidden ‘O’ In The ‘Open Water’ Loading Screen.’

Where To Find The Hidden ‘O’ In The ‘Open Water’ Loading Screen:

One of the new Chapter 2 open water challenges asks players to locate the hidden letter ‘O’  and the clue resides in a special loading screen. Once this loading screen is unlocked, you’ll need to have a close look at the loading screen which has a hint on as to where the letter ‘O’ is located in the Fortnite map. In order to unlock the special loading screen, you’ll have to complete eight out of eleven ‘Open Water Challenges’.

Once you’ve unlocked the loading screen, you’ll find the letter ‘O’ by the side of a spot where the letter ‘F’ is located. To be more specific, the letter is on a hill just to the east of Lazy Lake. See the map below for the specific spot.

For further clarification, watch the below video:


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