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Gamers found modded Tesla Cybertruck in GTA V

Cybertruck found in GTA V

Elon Musk unveiled Tesla Cybertruck last, It has not been spotted on the road properly. But thanks to the modders, few gamers have spotted the truck in  GTA V. Cybertruck, which is a truck with the performance of a race car, has a unique polygon design.

These mods are not available for everyone to download yet, but there are some Youtube channels who have uploaded videos of Tesla Cybertruck Demo drive. One YouTuber Elite Rejects tests the mod Cybertruck in GTA V, this looks the exact replica of the original Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck is available in two colors: First one is the ‘classic’ silver-grey and the second one is a bright cherry-red version.  Another gamer Fred Walthrough uploaded a video of Cybertruck, where he was racing with multiple cars. This version of the truck was more detailed. The gamer did the complete demo of the truck: Cybertruck’s steering wheel, screen panel, and coffee cup holder – and functioning lights in a cinematic-style video.

Games like Minecraft and a little 90s game called GoldenEye 007 also have a version of Cybertruck. The Minecraft version has been created by VelVoxel Raptor. Once installed correctly, players can summon the truck with a block of iron and a lever.

In the goled eye oo7 game, Ealon mask can be seen offering the Cybertruck to James Bond. The video is uploaded by Graslu00.

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