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Google planning Android TV and Google Stadia integration


Google Stadia was first announced to the general public back in June during the E3 2019. At the same event, Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai mentioned Stadia terming it as “a game platform for everyone.”  With Stadia all set to step into the world of cloud gaming in November 2019, Google will be the first big company to launch next-gen consoles, with Microsoft Project Scarlett and Sony’s PlayStation 5 lined up for launch next year. However, we still have time until the service launches as new leaks don’t seem to stop anytime soon before the launch. And yet again we are back with a new leak circling the Stadia, which suggests that Android TV will get the ability to play games over the cloud via Google Stadia.

Google seems to be preparing well in advance with updates for Android TV which will arrive next year as the updated Android 11. These updates include new Assistant features, a major hardware release, and support for its upcoming game streaming service, Stadia.

The leak comes from an IBC attendee who saw that Stadia integration was listed on the Android TV road map and sent a picture to XDA Developers. Here is the full list of everything Google has planned through 2021:

Android 10 Q/2019:

  • Assistant for Operators EAP (Early Access Program).
  • Play Store refresh, subscriptions & discovery.
  • Single build programs & turnkey OTT (Over-the-top) device.
  • Pilot home screen and instream ads.
  • Performance test suite.
  • 5.0k Android TV compatible apps in the Play Store

Android 11 R/2020:

  • Assistant for Operators GA (General Access) more partners & i18n (internationalization.)
  • Assistant farfield reference designs, improved x-device targeting.
  • Hero device advancing next-gen smart home UX, e.g. Lens, Camera.
  • Expand homescreen and instream ads offering.
  • Stadia integration.
  • Reference video broadcast.
  • 8.0k Android TV compatible apps in the Play Store?


Android 12 S/2021 & beyond:

  • Assistant for Operators: continuously improve quality, i18n (internationalization), and operator integrations.
  • Hero device program advancing next-generation.
  • Continue to lower TTM/TCO (time to market/total cost of ownership) & expand monetization options.
  • Less fragmentation in HW (hardware) + SW (software) solutions, fewer builds.
  • Hold the line on memory & power, critical user journeys.
  • Continuous performance monitoring of production devices.
  • 8.0-10k Android TV compatible apps in the Play Store?

Since Google has already planned support for the desktop, mobile devices, and Google Chromecast. It was only a matter of time before Google announced an Android TV integration with Stadia.

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