Lenovo unveils Marvel Dimension of Heroes for its Mirage AR headset


Have you ever wished to be one of the Avengers and defend the planet against powerful evil forces? Well, it seems like you finally have a way to live your fantasy as Lenovo is releasing a new Marvel: Avengers game called Dimension of Heroes that will allow you to play the game as an Avenger on its Mirage AR headset. The partnership between Lenovo and Disney is becoming bigger by the day as Lenovo has announced Marvel Dimension of Heroes, a new augmented reality(AR) game for its Mirage AR headset. 

Lenovo’s first AR headset has very limited features as it offers only one game which is Star Wars: Jedi Challenges and with just one game available, it costs $200 which seems to be quite a lot considering how little it offers. However, things are changing as it turns out, the Star Wars title will no longer be the Mirage AR’s only offering.

Furthermore, talking about the peripherals that come alongside the Mirage AR headset include Marvel Dimension of Heroes kit which features a pair of so-called Universe Controllers.


These controllers are equipped with LEDs at the top end that blaze in various colors while you play and have a semi-circular handle with little joysticks attached on top. These joysticks use AA batteries to power themselves up and promise to last for about 8 hours. The core technology inside the controllers haven’t been changed- the sticks are still followed by two cameras on the headset. The eminent advancement this time is that two controllers can now be tracked in real-time. Here’s a look into the offerings and specifications pf the kit:

Mirage AR Headset Universal Controllers Tracking Beacon
Dimensions 8.3 x 3.3 x 6.1 inches (209.2 x 83.4 x 154.8 mm) 7.8 x 3.4 x 1.4 inches (197.3 x 87.5 x 35.2mm) 3.7 x 3. inches (94.1 x 76.7mm)
Weight 1.1 pounds (477g) 0.3 pounds (130g) 0.3 pounds (113.5g)
Buttons Select, video capture, menu 2 buttons, analog stick, power Power, color switch
Battery 2200 mAH 2x AA included 2x AA included
Connectivity MicroUSB Bluetooth 4.2 X


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