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Microsoft to develop Xcloud exclusive games

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The gaming industry is currently under a revolution or we might just say evolution. With major tech companies like Google, Microsoftand Sony slowly moving into cloud gaming, cloud gaming is going to be the new trend pretty soon. We have Google, Sony, Microsoft all lined up with their nex-gen consoles, thereby, taking cloud gaming to a whole new level. Microsoft’s xCloud is going to be a major player in the cloud gaming market and it is all set to go head-to-head with Playstation 5 and Google Stadia as xCloud game streaming preview is finally live now.

During the September Inside Xbox Livestream, Microsoft announced that cloud streaming service Project xCloud will go live for beta testers in October. Following this, the company announced the Xbox Game Streaming app which is available on Google Play Store. And now, finally, the service is open for beta testers after Microsoft teased a handheld xCloud gaming experience in Surface Duo recently.

Xcloud head Kareem Chaudhary said during the X019 event that the company is in talks with third parties to develop Xcloud exclusive games. According to Choudhry, Microsoft is exploring options for developing first-party xCloud exclusives. “In terms of [Project xCloud] exclusives, we’re in early talks with first- and third- parties, but we don’t have any announcements to share. New content and IP takes eighteen months to two years [to develop].”

These exclusive games, that will be developed for Xcloud, may not be available for Xbox. It is similar to Disney plus, where Disney plus exclusive content is not available for Disney channel. Even though Microsoft is in early talks with developers, the company wants to make it clear that they are not focusing on the exclusive game yet. Their main focus is to develop and make Xcloud better so that it can be launched smoothly.

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