Microsoft to spend over $7 billion on gaming company; here are the reasons

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Microsoft has made its appearance in the gaming industry for a multiple number of times in comparison to Google and Apple. The main credit for this goes to Xbox.

Now, Microsoft is planning $7.5 billion acquisition of Zenimax Media which is a parent company of the famous gaming studio, Bethesda Softworks. Its a shocking news for all that Microsoft is spending a large amount of cash for the gaming company. Well, here are the reasons why Microsoft plans to bet more on Bethesda, Xbox, gaming and others:

• Bethesda Softworks has been one of the most popular gaming studio with successful titles.

• Microsoft wants to provide a big push to the cloud-gaming service Xbox Game Pass by this acquisition.

• Apple and Google already have their own cloud-gaming services known as Apple Arcade and Google Stadia. The deal provides Microsoft an edge in terms of A-listed titles.

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• Microsoft has launched their cloud based streaming gaming service known as xCloud in 22 countries and would want to bolster it with this deal.

• Microsoft has around 15 million Game Pass subscribers. The deal would help to further grow this number.

• The deal would provide Microsoft Xbox exclusive access to several titles and this would make Xbox gamers quite happy.

• Microsoft would have 23 game studios in its kitty and that indicates an increase in the number of titles.

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• Microsoft would get an ‘edge’ over their rival Sony as because of this acquisition, a large number of popular titles might become Xbox-exclusive.

• Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein and Dishonored are the critically acclaimed and the best-selling franchises.

• Microsoft is close to having around 5,000 developers working on their games.


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