Microsoft’s Forza racing game to come to Android and iOS later this year

Forza Street

Microsoft has some of the most popular games titles under its belt, one such game is the Forza car racing franchise. Now, the company has been reported to expand the series to Android and iOS platforms. The company officially announced Forza Street today, a free to play racing game for Windows 10, which will later expand to Android and iOS platforms later this year.

The game is focused on street racing and allows players to handle various vehicles with an aim to with the events. Players can go through single player option or opt for chapters for a more in-depth experience. The game provides points to players when they win the game which they can later use to make upgrades to their vehicles or purchase newer, faster vehicles.

The main Forza Motorsport game series for Xbox and PC platforms is for racing sims fan, while the Forza Street seems to be offering a more arcade experience and is developed for casual gamers. In order to win races in Forza, players will have to focus on hitting the gas and brake pedals as well as timing their boost.

Currently, Forza Street is a single player game for Windows 10, however, Microsoft says that it will be adding new features to the game in the upcoming months. Hopefully, the arrival of the game on Android and iOS will witness a multiplayer option as well.



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