Minecraft Earth Beta is now up and running in five cities

Minecraft Earth early access goes live in India

Minecraft Earth is Microsoft’s upcoming augmented reality (AR) mobile game. The closed beta has already been live on iOS devices in select locations for some time now. However, for the first time, Microsoft and the game creator Mojang whom Microsoft acquired for $2.5 billion back in 2014, have finally released the closed beta version on Android devices. The game is now available for people who had earlier registered and is available in five cities which are: London, Mexico City, Seattle, Stockholm, and Tokyo.

Microsoft even published a dedicated blog post answering the general queries surrounding the game, availability and other related questions.

According to those who have already tried out the game, if you are having issues getting browser access on PC, just click on the invitation link directly from your smartphone and you will be redirected to the download link. However, it is obvious that you need to be present in one of the 5 cities to access the closed beta.

Minecraft offers players to not only play the game as a 3D experience of the world-building game in the real world but also take on challenges as you step outside, further offering users to go on joint adventures with friends. Recently the beta for iOS has reset its contents updating to version 2.0.0 and introducing enemies such as creepers and spiders.


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